Case Reports - findings of wrongdoing

Case Reports are tabled in Parliament when, at the conclusion of an investigation into a disclosure, the Commissioner concludes that wrongdoing has occurred as defined by the Act

The purpose of investigations into disclosures is, according to the Act, to bring the findings of wrongdoing to the attention of the organization's chief executive and to make recommendations for corrective action. 

Under subsection 38(3.3) of the Act, the Commissioner must report to Parlimament founded cases of wrongdoing within 60 days after the conclusion of the investigation. 

The following are the Case Reports tabled to date before Parliament. 


February - Public Health Agency of Canada



February - Correctional Service Canada



November - Royal Canadian Mounted Police

May - Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation

January - Parole Board of Canada



November - Canada School of Public Service

June - Blue Water Bridge Canada

April - Canadian Human Rights Tribunal

March - Canada Border Services Agency

February - Canadian International Development Agency



October - Laurentian Pilotage Authority

March - Human Resources and Skills Development Canada