2018–20 LAR Action Plan

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As part of the Office of the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner of Canada’s response to the evaluation report prepared by Goss Gilroy Inc. of the Legal Access Request (LAR) Grant and Contribution Program, an LAR Action Plan was developed to be implemented by March 31, 2020.



Target Date

1. Monitoring and Performance

Conduct an internal review of the Terms of Reference (ToRs) for the LAR Grant and Contribution Program to ensure ToRs reflect PSIC’s priorities and complies with government policy.

Q4 2018-19


Review financial instruments (e.g. terms of contract with legal representative/firm) to determine if further improvements can be made.

Q4 2018-19


Develop additional tools and indicators, as needed, to help improve performance measurement. This could include:

  • Adding questions to the LAR Application Form such as “how did you learn of the PSIC LAR Program”, “may we contact you at a later date (by email, phone, or mail) to assess satisfaction”; and
  • Establishing internal service standards for processing LARs.

Q1 2019-20

2. Enhancing Communication and Awareness

Review online communication tools and products to ensure that information regarding LAR program is readily available and accessible.

Q1 2019-20

  Review PSIC’s Outreach and Engagement Strategy to ensure LAR program is included.

Q2 2019-20


Develop additional communication tools and products, as needed, to enhance awareness of the LAR program. This could include:

  • LAR Frequently Asked Questions;
  • LAR one-pager (which could be included with LAR approval letters);
  • Annual mail-out to stakeholders regarding PSIC’s mandate and the LAR program; and
  • Presentations to Internal Disclosure Working Group.
Q2–Q3 2019-20