Disclosure of wrongdoing

You believe you have witnessed wrongdoing and want to blow the whistle to preserve the integrity and trust in the federal public sector. Here’s how you can disclose wrongdoing with the Office.

Five questions to ask yourself before disclosing
Protection from reprisal
How to disclose wrongdoing

Reprisal Complaints

You believe you are suffering from reprisal because of a disclosure you made or because you participated as a witness in an investigation. Here are the steps you can take to submit a reprisal complaint and more information about this process. 

How am I protected?
The role of the Office
How to file a complaint of reprisal

Commissioner Mario Dion

Commissioner Mario Dion

Blowing the whistle requires a great deal of courage. However, each of us who has chosen to pursue a career in the public sector must act when we suspect wrongdoings or believe that a situation has been mishandled.

About the Commissioner
Message from the Commissioner

How Investigations Work

You are involved in an investigation by this
Office or are curious about the processes we
follow. Learn about our independent and
neutral process.

About the investigation process

What’s New


Read about the Commissioner's findings of wrongdoing and referrals to the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Tribunal. 

Case Reports
Referrals to the Tribunal