You believe you are suffering from reprisal because of a disclosure you made or because you participated as a witness in an investigation. Here are all the steps you can take to submit a reprisal complaint and more information about this process.

Reprisal Complaints

Before beginning the process, explore what it means to make a reprisal complaint.

What is Reprisal?

Reprisals can come in many forms, and may not always be obvious. Click for examples of what constitutes a reprisal.

What is Reprisal

Deciding to make a complaint

Explore frequently asked questions about the process.

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Filing a Reprisal Complaint

Click here to learn about the steps to follow for making a complaint of reprisal.

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Investigation Process

Whether you have made a reprisal complaint, are under investigation, or participating as a witness, you may have a number of questions about the process.

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Support for Legal Advice

Access information on funding for legal advice.

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Conciliation allows the participants to have a direct role in settling the matter and to be supported by an expert in conciliation.

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Submit Online

There are many ways to file your complaint.

Submit Online